Academic Philosophy

At Nichols, students are encouraged every day not only to be accepting of challenge, but excited by it. Through caring guidance and unwavering support, they are inspired to face academic, athletic, creative and social growth with confidence, determination and joy. The ease with which our students approach new learning opportunities and experiences becomes a mark of their characters, and is an asset that continues to open doors for them throughout their lives.

A Nichols education focuses on the intellectual and personal growth of every student. Our award-winning faculty are leaders in their field; more than 75% of them hold advanced degrees. Nichols students graduate prepared for college and beyond with the intellectual foundation and confidence to succeed in the field of their choosing.

Our students and faculty speak often of the "culture of extra help." Students are encouraged to work with their teachers outside the classroom to reinforce fundamental concepts or to expand the curriculum and explore new ideas. It is this individual attention to every student makes a Nichols education truly exceptional.

Character & Leadership

Character and leadership development is central to the Nichols School mission. Our students are exposed daily to an environment that fosters the growth of integrity, trust and ethical conduct in every corner of the campus.  

About Us

Nichols School is a nationally recognized college preparatory coed independent school with a 130-year history.