Middle School

Nichols Middle School offers a safe, sensitive and supportive environment w在这里 children are allowed to be children— and are introduced to the excitement of self-discovery by embracing challenge. 在这里, every day is an experience, balanced specifically for this transformative and influential time of tremendous intellectual, 社会, physical and emotional growth. Expert faculty craft a rich, 活跃的, immersive curriculum that includes engaging subjects, arts and 运动s—plus the development of the resilience and skills that lead to success in the Upper School and beyond. 

The Middle School is a true community, w在这里 each child has a sense of purpose and belonging. Students are given caring, individual attention but are also encouraged to exercise their natural curiosity as they explore their world and grow into vital, compassionate young adults with strong characters and a love of learning that they will take with them throughout their lives. 

Middle School Departments


Nichols School is a nationally recognized college preparatory coed independent school with a 130-year history.